21 Oct 07



The “anti-bump lock” is a project done by our students. Led by Miss To, our students added some new features to the conventional lock and improved its security greatly. They licensed the invention and sold the patent to a lock manufacturer (Guangdong Janes Lock Co., Ltd.) for over $130,000.

On 14 September 2007, our students attended a talk at the Convention Center. The speakers were Mr. Chu Ching-Wu (President of HKUST), Mr. Anthony S.K Wong (Commissioner for innovation and Technology), and Mr.Humphrey Leung ( Group CEO of Solomon Systech Limited) . On this occasion, our students presented a cheque of HK $55,000 to Mr. Leung Hoi Tin. The money is donated to our school by the “anti-bump lock” team to support I.T. teaching in our school.




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